Alex Clegg
Alex Clegg
Amazing customer service and an excellent product, easy to use and delivered in no time!
Dom Everard
Dom Everard
Name as described, they did truly map my gut. Can’t recommend highly enough. Great service, great team, the results are amazing!
Dom Kitching
Dom Kitching
Quality service from start to finish, the delivery was super quick and the test really helped!
Tom Armes
Tom Armes
Website was easy to navigate and delivery was really fast. Can’t recommend the test enough!
Benji Busby
Benji Busby
I took the test about a month ago, it’s really helped me. Everything was simple and easy following the instructions provided. Delivery was super easy and fast and would recommend highly to others.
Robyn Green
Robyn Green
Great product, as described with fast results. Brilliant team with fantastic customer service. Well worth it if you want to know your body better.
Great service and communication throughout. The test really helped me and I’d fully recommend.

Why is gut health important?

Your Gut is involved in almost every aspect of health, suboptimal gut health has been linked in studies to:

IBS, IBD & Bloating

Dermatitis, Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis

Fatigue, Lethargy

Weight Management

Mood, Sleep

Athletic Performance

The Problem​

The human microbiome is home to trillions of microbes. The DNA of these bacteria outnumber our human DNA by around 160:1.

When working in perfect harmony, those bacteria create a perfect environment for optimal health.

However modern diets, lifestyles, and medications, can cause imbalances in the microbiome.

These imbalances are linked to chronic inflammation and metabolic dysfunction – which are two key influences of many health problems.

The Solution

Simple sampling

Comfortable at home sampling with easy to follow instructions for use.

Laboratory Analysis

Next generation genetic sequencing.


Referencing 90+ published studies, and a bioinformatics database of over 50,000 samples. Detailed health insights and unique nutritional interventions.

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Our laboratory tests generate thousands of complex data points.

Understanding this data, and transforming it into key health insights is the job of YourGutMap’s bioinformatics and AI based health reporting tool. Our test reports utilise a unique bioinformatics global database of over 50,000 microbiome samples, and references more than 90 published research studies.

Trusted and utilised by:

• Nutritionists
• Dieticians
• Gastrointestinal Doctors
• Premier League Football Teams
• Functional Medicine Practitioners

Microbiome Lab

Practitioner Feedback

Accredited Laboratories and Practitioners

* YourGutMap’s tests are to only be conducted under the supervision of a health practitioner. They are not designed to diagnose medical conditions, or to replace medical advise. The information provided on this website is for education purposes only, and not intended to replace professional medical advice.

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