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Microbiome Test

Using validated artificial intelligence technology, your report is created using our Bioninformatics database of more than 50,000 samples, as well as referencing more than 90 published research studies

This basis is used to create detailed, and actionable health insights.

The Laboratory

Our partner laboratory is accredited as providing genetic test results with analytical competence and valid results through ISO 1702 and ISO 13485 accreditation.

The Test

Gold standard mRNA genetic sequencing is used for genomic sequencing of the microbiome.

YourGutMap test reports use the only clinically validated AI based digestive health solution.

Published Studies

Two clinical studies have been published focusing on patients following their Personal Diet Guide.


Irritable bowel syndrome is a condition that is estimated to affect 20% of people in the UK. Patients following their Personal Diet Guide for a period of 6 weeks saw on average an 82% improvement in their IBS symptoms. This included an average of 4x reduction in IBS-SSS and 5x reduction in pain severity.


is estimated to affect 16% of the population under the age of 60. Up to 33% of adults age 60 and above are estimated to be affected by constipation. Patients that followed their Personal Diet Guide in a clinical study saw an 83% improvement in their constipation. Patients also realised an average of x2.5 improvement in ‘Complete Bowel Movements per week (CBMpW).

Other Health Outcomes patients followed in clinical studies realised a range of improved health markers following their Personal Diet Guide for a period of 6 weeks:

  • On average patients lost 7.2KG of weight 
  • 63% increase in energy levels
  • 42% improvement in sleep disorders
  • 18% improvement in overall microbiome diversity

Clinical studies have been published in the Journal of Clinical of Clinical Medicine, and GUT MICROBES. We are excited to share results of a third, multi centre study currently being conducted, focusing on YourGutMap Personal Diet Guide as an IBS treatment.

Scientific Education

As part of our ongoing focus on research and education, YourGutMap hosts regular scientific webinars and in person events.

We also provide test training, results interpretation sessions, and topical talks from our team of BANT & CHNC registered Nutritional Therapists.

Our scientific education modules are CPD accredited by many leading governing bodies:

Published studies on our clinically validated solution

Accredited Laboratories and Practitioners