"All disease starts in the gut" Hippocrates Follow your unique GutMap to optimise health and wellbeing. Modern diets and lifestyles can often have negative effects on health. YourGutMap uses laboratory tests and Al technology to optimise your diet. Shop Now

YourGutMap uses laboratory tests and artificial intelligence softwares to unlock key health data from within your body. Modern diets, lifestyles and medication can cause imbalances in the microbiome – which are linked to chronic inflammation, and metabolic dysfunction – two key influences of many health problems.

1 - Follow your personal Gut Map

Unlock key health insights and your Personal Diet Guide.

2 - Precision Supplements

Specifically formulated to help rebalance your microbiome and improve your health.

3 - Naturally rebalance your microbiome

Your Personal Diet Guide will coach you through naturally rebalancing your microbiome. Patients following this protocol saw health and wellness improvements within 6 weeks.

Microbiome Diversity

An indicator for the general health of your Microbiome.
A low score indicates insufficient numbers or good bacteria, and or uneven balance.
Your personal diet guide will coach you through naturally rebalancing your microbiome.

Metabolic Score

Microbiome balance can effect weight management.
Leptin and Ghrelin are hormones that control appetite, studies show that microbiome imbalances can prevent these hormones signalling correctly.
In a study using the GutMap test, participants following their personal diet guide lost on average 7.1KG of weight in a 6 week period.

Microbiome Age

Is your microbiome age consistent with your calendar age?

Comparing the health of your microbiome profile to 50,000+ others - you can discover if your microbiome is aging faster, or slower than your calendar age.
Your personal diet guide can help improve microbiome health, reducing your Microbiome age.

How effectively does your microbiome process Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fats?

There are specific key bacteria involved in the digestion and utilisation of Macronutrients.
Your score is based on these bacteria levels, discover if they are optimal, or if they need to be improved to optimise your diet.

Antibiotic Damage

Have past prescriptions of antibiotics negatively affected your Microbiome? Key bacteria levels can be negatively affected by antibiotics.
If you have a poor score, your personal diet guide with help to rebalance your microbiome.

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Follow your unique GutMap

Test at home
Results within ~3 weeks
Follow your Personal Diet Guide
Naturally rebalance your microbiome

Unlock your key health markers and improve your health.
Follow YourGutMap.

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chantelle joslin
chantelle joslin
Really easy to use and a noticeable difference to my energy, bloating & my skin is so much healthier!
Alex Clegg
Alex Clegg
Amazing customer service and an excellent product, easy to use and delivered in no time!
Dom Everard
Dom Everard
Name as described, they did truly map my gut. Can’t recommend highly enough. Great service, great team, the results are amazing!
Dom Kitching
Dom Kitching
Quality service from start to finish, the delivery was super quick and the test really helped!
Tom Armes
Tom Armes
Website was easy to navigate and delivery was really fast. Can’t recommend the test enough!
Benji Busby
Benji Busby
I took the test about a month ago, it’s really helped me. Everything was simple and easy following the instructions provided. Delivery was super easy and fast and would recommend highly to others.
Robyn Green
Robyn Green
Great product, as described with fast results. Brilliant team with fantastic customer service. Well worth it if you want to know your body better.
Great service and communication throughout. The test really helped me and I’d fully recommend.

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